Basic Spirit’s East Coast Charm And Big Heart

Harbour Fest 2012

It’s one thing to find an online craft store that has been able to find suppliers who share a similar vision about how unique arts and crafts should be. It’s quite another to find partners that understand how small our planet actually is. We’ve gone out of our way to align ourselves with Canadians who have a social conscience and care for their fellow human beings at the same time.

These are just some of the reasons we have a great relationship with Basic Spirit. These self-proclaimed designers from Pugwash in Nova Scotia have an alluring seaside studio where they create “products that touch the heart and delight the spirit.” It’s just that kind of spiritualism that draws us to their products because we know items like Love you to the Moon – Charm Bowl show off Basic Spirit’s wonderful abilities with pewter. This lovely item is perfect for rings or even a conversation starter when used for decorative purposes in any area of your home.

The obvious charm of Basic Spirit’s unique inventory isn’t their only draw and it should be no surprise all of their wonderful creations flow from the big hearts emanating from that small Eastern Canadian town. Even a quick look at the charitable contributions these folks make to both those in need here and abroad will tell you why Basic Spirit is a valued member of our arts and crafts community.


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