The Perfect Way To Tell A Loved One You Care On Valentine’s Day – Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Being in love with someone special is a unique experience that doesn’t ever happen the same way twice in one lifetime. That’s why you’ll want to share a suitably singular expression like the Monogram E Round Shell Pendant or the beautiful Ceramic Bisque Sweetheart Pendant.

The Monogram E Pendant with an appliqué jewellery sticker and yellow hand drawn designs adorning both sides is an excellent way to tell Elaine, Ellen, Erin, Elizabeth, Eleanor – I could go on forever – what you really think; the small and large rhinestones embedded makes this a real and lasting expression of your love for this special person. Like the other jewellery it is my pleasure to offer, this shell pendant is varnished and sealed. The round pearl shells are shiny, smooth and attractive.

Monogram-E PendantFor those of you whose loved one’s name doesn’t begin with “E”, don’t despair! We have equally unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for you to give to the special person in your life. Our colourful and dainty Sweetheart Pendant is truly unique. It is drawn and hand painted on Ceramic Bisque.

Sweetheart PendantWhatever gift you choose from The Craft Corner will be a gift your loved one won’t soon forget. As the shell and ceramic jewellery is hand drawn and hand painted, no two designs can be the same.

Like everything that we sell at The Craft Corner, The Sweetheart Ceramic Bisque Pendant and The Monogram E Round Shell Pendant are no different, crafted with a unique one-of-a kind expression in mind; the pendant chain that’s included is 18 inches long.

Imagine the look on her face as you slip one of our wonderfully unique gifts around her neck and tell her you love her?


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