Social Distancing and Your Children

Social Distancing and Your Children

Social distancing and your children is an area that needs to be looked at. Here’s why. 

When we face up to it, everyone needs to realize that humans are social creatures. We’ve evolved to rely on complicated interactions with each other. Social distancing to combat COVID 19 is prompting warnings from mental health experts.

Losing important social contact can lead to the social distancing blues. Even children are affected. Here are just a few of the things that parents need to watch out for.

Bad Dreams

The tension surrounding school closures and the pandemic has caused children to have nightmares. It’s not really a surprise at all. The risk for having bad dreams goes up with your anxiety and stress level. Any kind of trauma can upset your children’s sleep patterns and dreams.

There are some things that you can do to help. Make a list of small projects they can help with. Parents and their little ones will have the time to tackle some items that are unfinished on a to do list.


There is little doubt your kids will miss their school playmates and routines. Psychologists tell us both of these are an important part of your child’s healthy psyche. They can suffer from loneliness when their routine has been broken up by social distancing. The topic of social distancing and your children needs to be looked at from every angle.  

Encouraging your children to stick to their regular schedules when it comes to sleeping helps. Remember, establishing new routines will help them by letting them know what to expect next. It’s a good idea to build in specific times for activities and playing.


Experts recommend that your sons and daughters get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. It’s the best way to keep them alert and healthy physically and mentally. There are some things that you can do even when you’re stuck inside or limited to activities around the house.

Playing in the yard or taking a daily walk are two good suggestions. Experts in child psychology even suggest a family yoga section. Check the Internet for ways that you can mix things up with some great family-friendly online workouts.

Have a look at our kids craft kits for some ideas to keep your little ones mentally and physically active. Why not spend some quality time with your kids and do a puzzle together. Take a look at these colourful JaCaRou Jigsaw puzzles. These craft kits and puzzles are excellent for helping them to boost their self-esteem and foster self-expression at the same time.

Remember, there are really no limits to their imagination even when they are stuck inside. Kids craft kits are an excellent way to help your kids sharpen their creative and productive skills. They are another way to tackle the issues around social distancing and your children.


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