Our Sand Dollar Seaglass Bracelet Lets You Wear The Ocean On Your Wrist

Seaglass Charm Bracelet

Handcrafted jewellery is special for many different reasons and when you can wear a piece with an interesting story behind it, all the better. Pugwash, Nova Scotia is the backdrop for the lovely Sand Dollar Cultured Seaglass Bracelet we love to highlight as a wonder of nature that’s been perfected by man.

With three cultured seaglass sand dollar shaped charms, two starfish charms and a snail and a clam charm, this piece of exquisite sea glass jewellery is stunning and interesting enough even before you understand the story behind the material.

Like the name implies, seaglass comes from its namesake where natural weathering processes produce ornamental frosted glass that has fermented in the oceans for sometimes as long as twenty to fifty years.

When you add a chain that’s made from lead free pewter which is silver plated, you can see why this Sand Dollar Cultured Seaglass Bracelet is a natural conversation starter and a lovely piece of jewellery at the same time.

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