There Might Be A Difference Between Dog And Cat People But Our Pet Jewellery Is For Everyone

Best-Friend Dog Tag

The recent article in the Huffington Post that stated there were some obvious differences between dog and cat people is nothing new to us because The Craft Corner has something for both groups. The author writes those people who favor dogs are generally more energetic and outgoing and usually follow rules more closely. For them, we have a series of pet jewellery items like Best Friend, which is a pewter, Pet Tag for your dog that is both lead free and safe.

Of course, cat lovers are on our radar too. Although those folks that own a pet named Lassie or Rover will obviously disagree, the research in the Huffington Post article puts human friends of felines on a higher intelligence scale than those who own dogs. Cat lovers are generally more introverted and sensitive. For them, we have a line of products from Basic Spirit too like the cat tag Purrfect. This lovely pewter piece is made in Canada by the same great folks who create the tags for those other four legged friends.


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