Kids T-Shirts and Nature for Christmas

Kids t-shirts Christmas playing in snow

Kids T-Shirts and Nature : You’ve more than likely already seen at least one of the studies that tell us our children are lacking when it comes to physical fitness and they need to put their electronic devices down, go outside and play like we did years ago. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Dad or Mom, grandparent or caregiver, you can teach them to be environmentally responsible with our kids t shirts and play outside at the same time. Experts are telling us that this generation of children spend less time outside than any other in human history. Why not make this Christmas one filled with an educational family time by pairing up one of our kids T-shirts with some educational trips to the great outdoors?

Here are a few good reasons why you and your children need to experience more time outside. Remember, it is a great way to shape the future adults who will look after our planet and ensure that all our future Christmases will be white.

  • Science has proven that spending a fair amount of time outside reduces children’s stress levels as well as boosting their creativity.You can even make a game of it with some of our products by asking your little boy or girl where the bird on our  Puffin Design shirt actually lives?
  • Did you know that communing with nature when you’re little also helps you with your problem-solving skills as an adult? Of course, all that is to say nothing of the increased physical fitness the little tykes have when they’re out running around chasing sticks and climbing trees.
  • Children who learn to play outdoors grow up resilient in all parts of the world regardless of the weather. Statistics tell us that’s true in the Arctic or the tropics, so it is certainly an option for our adventuresome Canadian winters.

Please don’t forget about our cool T-shirts that can help your children gain a sense of wonderment about what goes on outside. We have some unique hand-painted t shirts for you to look over including ones like our Canadian Beaver design to inspire national pride. Experts are telling us that once you put down the digital screen, you’ll open up a whole new world of creativity within your child quite often with something as simple as a nice outdoor hike.

Mark Tremblay is one of the experts in the field who has done a lot of work with child obesity. He’s been quoted recently as saying that we need to recalibrate society to keep our children healthy.  Why not start this Christmas with one of our kids T-shirts and a family trip to play in the snow?

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