DIY Wood Signs and Planks – Decoration Ideas for All Ages

Wood Signs and Plaques

DIY Wood signs and planks offer a versatile canvas for expressing your creativity through various techniques like painting, decoupage, collage, and embellishments with rhinestones and gemstones. Whether you’re looking to decorate your guest bathroom, add unique plaques to your walls, or engage in a fun crafting activity with kids, these DIY ideas will help you transform plain wooden surfaces into beautiful works of art. From stencilling sentiments to experimenting with different lettering styles, let’s explore a plethora of inspiring ideas for both kids and adults to create personalized wood signs and planks.


Painted Wood Signs

Painting a DIY wood sign allows you to play with colours and create eye-catching designs. You can experiment with acrylic paints, watercolours, or chalk paints for a distressed look. Try shaded colour schemes, ombré effects, or simple colour blocks to make your wood signs pop. For kids, consider using stencils to create animals, flowers, or abstract patterns.

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Trace and Paint on Wood Signs YouTube Video

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  • This is a trace and paint method.


Stencilling on DIY Wood Signs and Planks and Wood Panels

If you haven’t the time to make your own stencils, take a look at our ready to use stencils.


Decoupage and Collage Magic

Decoupage and Collage involves layering cutouts from paper or fabric onto a surface using a special adhesive. Choose decorative napkins, patterned paper, or even old maps to create unique designs on your wood signs and planks. For a vintage touch, opt for botanical prints or aged book pages. A napkin design with fall leaves or flowers will make a colourful project. Otherwise use napkins with modern abstract designs. Seal the design with Mod Podge Sealer or a clear varnish of your choice to protect and enhance the finished piece.



Decoupage Fall Fabric on Wood Letters

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Collage Creativity

Collage allows you to combine various textures and materials for an eclectic look. Gather magazine cutouts, maps, fabric scraps, ribbons, paper fall leaves, birds, butterflies, insects and more to create visually appealing projects. Arrange and glue these elements onto your wood signs to tell a story or evoke a certain theme, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind.

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Embellished Elegance

Add a touch of glamour to your wood signs by painting the wood first with acrylic or chalk paint and then incorporating rhinestones, gemstones, and sequins. Create intricate patterns, use a stencil and then outline the letters, or highlight specific areas with these sparkling embellishments. Use a strong adhesive to ensure the rhinestones, gemstones, sequins, decoupage napkins, collage paper shapes etc. stay in place and provide a dazzling effect. Don’t forget to seal your work to protect it. Mod Podge or another sealer of your choice will do the trick.

See the YouTube Videos below. These are just ideas. You can use some glue such as Mod Podge or Gorilla Glue instead of Hotfix Rhinestones.


No Cutting Machine and No Stencil Wood Signs

Stencilling Sentiments: Stenciling is an excellent way to achieve precise designs, especially when working with text. Create personalized signs with quotes, names, or special messages using stencils and paint. Combine different fonts and sizes to add visual interest. This technique is suitable for both adults and kids, making it a great family crafting activity.

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Wood Heart slats and Sentiments

Heart-shaped slats add a romantic and whimsical touch to your decor. You can paint them with vibrant colours, apply decoupage with love-themed images, or even engrave heartfelt messages. Hang them on walls, and doorknobs, or display them on shelves for a charming accent.

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Kid-Friendly Creations: Engage kids in creative crafting by simplifying techniques. Provide them with pre-cut stencils, non-toxic paints, and markers to decorate their wood signs. Encourage their imagination by letting them create abstract art or use their favourite characters as inspiration. See our selection of ready to use stencils which your kids will love.




Exploring Lettering Styles: Experiment with various lettering styles to add a unique touch to your wood signs. Try calligraphy, block letters, cursive writing, or even a combination of different fonts. Use paint, markers, or even wood burning tools to create the desired effect.

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Guest Bathroom Signs

Guest Bathroom Signs: Personalize your guest bathroom with witty or welcoming signs. Paint phrases like “Relax and Unwind” or “Guests with the Best” onto wood slats. Add a touch of elegance with decoupage images of delicate flowers or seashells.

See the YouTube Video below. These are just ideas.


Plaque Signs for Wall Decor: Create elegant plaque signs to adorn your walls. Incorporate classic designs with vintage patterns and muted colours. Use collage techniques to layer images of old architecture, ornate frames, or antique keys for a sophisticated aesthetic.

Farmhouse Wood Signs

See the YouTube Video below:

Paper Birds, Butterflies, Insects, Feathers, etc. for Collage

If you just want to brighten up your walls, why not use colourful collage on your plaques such as paper birds, butterflies, insects or whatever takes your fancy? Don’t forget to use a sealer afterwards to protect your work. You can glue some clear or coloured rhinestones or gemstones to your colourful birds, butterflies, insects, etc. to give it a sparkling look. Use your imagination to create a masterpiece.

Transforming plain wood signs and slats into stunning works of art is a rewarding and enjoyable DIY activity for both kids and adults. With techniques like painting, decoupage, collage, and embellishments with rhinestones and gemstones, you can create personalized decorations that reflect your style and personality. Take a look at our Craft Store for any craft supplies you may need. Whether you’re decorating your guest bathroom, hanging plaque signs on walls, or engaging in a fun crafting activity with your kids, these ideas offer a wide range of possibilities to explore. So, gather your materials, unleash your creativity, and start designing your own unique wood signs, slats or wood planks today!

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