The Creative Characteristics Reflected in Our Online Gift and Craft Store


Creativity: It stands to reason that our online gift and craft store is interested in what it takes to be creative. Not only is creativity the bread and butter of our business, it is also a personal passion of mine. That’s why I put a little time aside to put together this blog about creative characteristics.

If you can check a few these boxes off as you go along, you might be an artist in waiting!

Creative Folks are Disciplined, but Playful Too  

At first glance, our research told us something that we already knew about – namely that creative people are playful and easily excited. They love to get into the slipstream of life and enjoy themselves. It’s one of the first things that drew us to meeting some of the wonderful people associated with the kids craft kits we enjoy selling to you.

Here’s the kicker—the further we looked into what creative traits are, the more surprising things we came up with. Namely, creative people have a sense of perseverance too.

When you stop and think about it, it really makes a lot of sense. As much as you want to be able to follow your creative instincts where they lead you, you often need to double down at the same time to get things just right.

Creative Folks are Both Introverted and Extroverted

One of the things that came as no surprise to us since we are the owners of an online craft and gift store is the fact that creative folks also have several traits all mixed into one personality. That means they can be both extroverted and introverted at the same time. If you think back on some of the creative people you know, you’ll see where this is true.

Some people who produce the best art that we’ve known personally over the years can be quiet and/or sociable as the time dictates. In the end, We’ve noticed it’s all about listening to the inner muse in each of us and following wherever that may lead.

Finally, the research I’ve done that incorporates a lot of people whose products we sell at our online gift and craft store are both proud and humble. Simply put, that means they are proud of what they’ve been able to accomplish. At the same time, they recognize the influences from other artists that show up in their own work. Maybe you’ll see some of these characteristics in the kids craft kits we carry.






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