Five Tips for Being More Creative

Creative Tips

Creative Tips – Of course having a craft store means that I really enjoy the creative side of things. Still, there are times when those juices don’t always flow as easily as I might like. That’s why I’ve put together these 5 useful tips. These have helped me over the dry spells when I’m deciding on things like unique t-shirt designs.

Ask Your Subconscious For a Little Help

If you can tap into that semiconscious state just before you wake up, you might get excellent ideas that will spark your creativity. Start by simply keeping a notepad or a voice recorder by your bed.

Complete Everything

No matter what you start working on, you should always finish it. Leaving things half done leaves the thought process in midstream. Not everything you do will be excellent and great, but you’ll always be able to build on the projects you finish.

Find a Creative Outlet

Finding an outlet for those creative juices is just as important as having them in the first place. Of course for me it’s my online craft store. For you it can be anything from an easel and a paintbrush to an online program that helps you to write.

Swim Upstream

When I painted my very first T-shirt, I wanted to do something different than anyone else. Quite often it’s that kind of mentally swimming against the current that can make a difference and unlock your creative side.

Take Some Me Time

Sometimes, all it takes to release the creative flow is a little time off. If you find you are getting frustrated or upset, that’s the perfect time to go for a walk or at least take a little time away from whatever you’re working on.

Here’s hoping these tips from my craft store to you will keep your creative side moving forward!!



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