Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping With An African Theme

Here at The Craft Corner, it’s important our online gift store offers unique, well designed gifts at an affordable price that are useful and convenient at the same time. Of course that’s a tall order but one I feel I’ve accomplished with my line of cosmetic bags which can double as clutches or pencil cases. These have been put together and were ready to go well before the weather turned as the holidays approached, but they are just the thing to help you forget about the cold and snow wherever you are and they make great gifts as Christmas approaches.

Take the African Elephants design I’ve incorporated into one of these unique cosmetic bags. The Cream Cotton Duck linen material used as a canvas for the hand painted design adds a special unique touch and the brown Jewel Jem pearl paints used add a wonderful texture to the two parents and one baby elephant featured.

There’s more than the African themed cosmetic bags at The Craft Corner and you’re always more than welcome to browse the Abstract Design and Butterfly Cosmetic Bag products offered too. However, The African Pots version is hand painted on a Denim bag and comes with a tassel that adds the perfect flair.

Imagine the surprise when you give one of these unique gifts that can double as a clutch or pencil case to someone special at Christmas?

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