Christmas Gifts and Quebec

Cat and Fish Diamond Painting

We have Christmas gifts for everyone at The Craft Corner. That includes JaCaRou puzzles and diamonds painting kits from Anie Maltais in Quebec, Canada. When we considered how beautiful and unique these diamond painting kits and puzzles are, we decided to learn a little bit more about what Christmas in that Province is like.

That’s how we came up with this fascinating list of things to do during Christmas in Québec.

One of the places you won’t want to miss on any tour of La belle province is Québec city. There are always lots of cultural things to do year-round there, but especially during the festive season. Taking the Old Quebec Food Tour is a great way to get started.

Local Restaurants

Tourists get to sample the fine fare from five local restaurants. They get to take in the local sights and sounds at the same time which makes the whole experience worthwhile. Remember, in Québec snow isn’t just for shoveling during the Christmas season.

You can get some maple taffy rolled in the fresh white stuff as part of your Québec Food Tour. Bon appétit!

The “Diamonds” painting kits in our inventory are as bright and joyful as Québec during the holiday season. Think paint by numbers and you’re getting the idea. Then think about the fact that no Christmas holiday in Quebec is complete without a visit to Montréal.

Montreal Snow and Christmas Gifts

First and foremost is the fact that you’re pretty much guaranteed a white Christmas. If during the holidays you’re betting on snow to make your Christmas season happy, the safe bet is spending December 25 in Montréal.

Visiting this city during that time of year also means you should partake of the arts. Every Saturday from November 22 until December 20 there are free Christmas concerts at the Museum of fine arts.

You don’t want to miss the downtown during the holiday season. Montrealers are famous for the thousands of Christmas lights they string through the core.

Finally, let’s go back to Québec city for the last thing you should do during a visit to Québec during the holidays. Place d’Youville is an outdoor skating rink that’s right next to Québec city’s outer wall. If you’re looking for an authentic experience, you can’t leave that off your list.

Don’t forget to have a good look at what we offer at The Craft Corner. Our handcrafted gifts make wonderful ideas for Christmas gifts or presents for any other time of the year.

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