Charm Bracelets Have Historical Flair

charm bracelets

Of course we all enjoy Charm Bracelets and you’ll find people of both sexes experience a lot of satisfaction in picking out the right bracelet to wear before they go out to enjoy themselves and be seen in the company of others. However, have you ever stopped to wonder about our collective fascination with these bracelets and unique pendants we love so much? Have you ever stopped to think about why we adore our jewellery and spend so much time selecting it?

You might have guessed already that our need to wear accessories around our necks as well as on our fingers and wrists has a real history. In fact, the need to adorn ourselves with trinkets can be traced back 75,000 years. That’s when our distant ancestors first decided they needed to adorn themselves with shells and beads to show off their social status. If you dig a little deeper and yes, that is an archaeological joke for those of you keeping score, you’ll find that the Blombos Cave in South Africa supplied the first evidence of crosshatched beads that were worn as jewellery.

There is other evidence around that only dates back around 7,000 years but points to the fact there were bracelets being worn in Mesopotamia, China  and even Egypt. You might have already expected the Chinese led the way and there has been evidence intricate designs and baubles came from that part of the world over 2000 years ago.

Here are some more interesting facts about charm bracelets and by proxy unique pendants that date a little closer to modern times. Did you know that bracelets became more affordable in the 1920s because mass production brought the cost down and the more traditional lines of the pieces from back then were replaced with an Art Deco influence?

The next time you’re choosing a bracelet to wear, remember the long history the art form has behind it.



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