Versatile and Appealing Holiday Gifts

My Latest Hand Drawn and Appliqué Bags Are Versatile And Appealing For Christmas

When I started The Craft Corner, I wanted to be sure each and every one of my clients got something that was both visually stunning and unique when they chose something from my inventory. I wanted all of my clients to feel they were going to have a one of a kind experience purchasing from my online gift shop and one of the my latest efforts to that end is The Appliqué Orange Flowers Purse that doubles as a clutch or cosmetic bag.

The alluring design is painted with Trichem Jewel Jems pearly paints and Sparklon on a wonderful nostalgic backdrop of Blue Indigo Dyed Denim. Although I’m inspired by each and every one of the hand drawn bags I create, the tassel added to the zipper of this creation gives an added touch that completes the unique and striking look and feel I was trying for.

Of course I hope you’ll want to look at some of the other unique creations I’ve worked on here at my online gift shop, but this Appliqué Orange Flowers Purse is the perfect way to tell a mother, sister or friend you’re thinking of them around the Christmas Season.

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