The Psychology of Giving Gifts to Picky People

Multi Charm Pewter Seaglass-Bracelet

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you how good it feels to give but ask those same people why and they might not have an answer. Some say that experts should leave well enough alone and let us all have our fun without telling us why our brains and personalities are interacting as we watch friends and loved ones unwrap gifts like the wonderful Sand Dollar Seaglass Bracelet we offer here at The Craft Corner. Others, we are sure, will want to know why giving puts a warm smile on our faces from a scientific perspective.

First off, researchers tell us that buying for the picky relative on your list means that you’ll be less motivated to give it your best effort. In fact, the people who study these things say those people on your list who are likely to be critical will most often get a gift card since those gifts present the least effort.

Of course there are two sides to every coin and the same studies suggest people receiving gift cards are more likely to buy something they want even if it only brings pleasure. It seems that with these gift cards, people feel more comfortable buying something that’s a little more frivolous since they aren’t parting with their own cash or using a credit card.

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