Father’s Day DIY Ideas

Father's Day DIY Ideas

Father’s Day is around the corner. There is no better way to show Dad how much you care than with a homemade present. Here are some easy and creative Father’s Day DIY ideas to make dad’s day special. Choose something special for Dad.

Father’s Day DIY Ideas for Gifts you Can make for Dad:

T-Shirts for Dad

  • See our blog on T-Shirt Tips and Tricks for instructions on how to paint a t-shirt for dad. You can use an iron-on transfer or stencils or draw your own free-hand design.

Here is a YouTube Video on how to make a t-shirt for dad.

Painted Wooden Signs

  • Create a personalized wooden sign for Dad. You can stencil and paint a favourite quote, a fun message, or simply “Best Dad Ever.” Use stencils for a neat and professional look.
  • You can also use a suitable acrylic stamp and ink pad if you have one.
  • If you have a “copy” of a family picture or a picture of a pet that dad really likes, you can transfer it onto a wooden board or slice. If you require instructions on how to do this, see our blogs.

Here is another idea for making a gift for dad for father’s day:

Stencilled Wooden Plaques

  • Buy a plain wooden plaque if you don’t have one and use stencils to create a custom design. You can add dad’s name or nick-name, a special date, or a meaningful word. Finish it off with a coat of Mod Podge or other suitable varnish to protect your artwork.

Decorated Keyrings

Make a keyring that Dad can carry everywhere. You can make the keyring out of wood, leather, faux leather or any other suitable material. You can personalize the keyrings with dad’s initials and add a small charm that represents something he loves.

Here is a keychain YouTube Video:

Canvas Art

  • Buy a small or medium blank canvas if you don’t already have one and use your creative skills to make a special gift for dad. Paint a picture that reminds you of a special memory with Dad or create an abstract design in his favourite colours.
  • You could also use stencils or collage/decoupage on the canvas using designs or pictures that dad likes. (See our blogs for instructions if you’ve never used this art form.)

Handmade Cards

  • Nothing beats a heartfelt, handmade card. Use coloured construction paper or a blank card and markers, stickers, stamps, etc. to craft a card that expresses your feelings. Using stencils can add a professional touch.
  • This would be fun for your kids to make.

Kids Cards for Dad

Knitted Scarf

If you enjoy knitting and have spare yarn, a cosy scarf is a great gift for dad. Choose Dad’s favourite colour yarn and a plain knitting pattern/stitch if you’re not an experienced knitter. Kids may want to use a thicker yarn and knitting needles so that they can finish the scarf in time for Father’s Day. See our knitting blog.

Painted Fabric/Canvas Apron for BBQs or Canvas Wine Bag

  • Does your dad love to grill? Paint a plain canvas / fabric apron with fun designs or stencil dad’s name on it. Fabric paints are recommended as they will withstand multiple washes. It’s always best to heat-set the paint once dry. Follow instructions on the tube or box of fabric paints. For more information and instructions take a look at our numerous blogs some of which contain YouTube video instructions.
  • Perhaps dad would like a bottle of wine or large bottle of Pop for Father’s Day. Why not paint a personalized Fabric/Canvas Wine Bag using an appropriate stencil design. It is a different gift and the fact that you have painted and decorated it will mean a lot to dad. Of course, you could use this bag for any other gift that fits in the bag. It is reusable and can also be used as is. It has a jute tie-up.

Painted Terracotta Plant Pot

  • Turn a plain plant pot into a work of art. Use chalk paint (optional) to prime the pot and acrylic paints to add patterns, dad’s initials, or a fun design. Use some Mod Podge sealer so that your artwork lasts. Add a plant for a gift that keeps on giving. Keep the pot plant indoors unless you have an outdoor sealer for your artwork.

Photo Collage

  • Gather some of your favourite photos with Dad and create a collage. Make sure that you use copies of the photos. It’s best to print copies if you don’t have any. You can do this on a large piece of paper and frame it or use a canvas. Decorate the edges of the frame or canvas with stickers, washi tape, or small drawings.
  • Kids will have fun too. See our blogs for instructions and ideas.

Decoupage Projects

  • Decoupage is a great way to decorate almost anything. Use Mod Podge to adhere paper cutouts or napkins to cork or wooden coasters, gift boxes, or picture frames. Choose images that are meaningful and special to Dad. Take a look at our blogs for ideas and instructions for decoupage.

Customized Coasters

  • Make a set of four cork or wooden square or round coasters with Dad’s favourite sports team, hobby, or copies of family photos. You can also use ceramic tiles. Permanent markers or paint can be used. Use either a clear sealant spray or Mod Podge Sealer to protect your designs.

Painted Beer Mugs

  • For the beer-loving dad, personalize a beer mug. Prime the mug with a plain colour chalk paint (optional) which will make the painted wording and design stand out. Use glass paint to add dad’s name, a funny quote, or a design. Let it dry completely before wrapping it up. Seal it with Mod Podge or another suitable Sealer. Hand washing the mug is preferable.

Decorated Baseball Cap

  • Grab a plain cap and decorate it with fabric markers or fabric paint. Write a message, draw a design, or add iron-on patches for a unique touch.

Trichem: Paint a Picture or use an Iron On Transfer on a t-shirt or tie: We have unique vintage Trichem Pictures and Iron-On Transfers (Fishing transfers and others) for you to paint for dad.

  • We have various craft accessories in our Craft Store.
    • As mentioned above, our blogs have numerous DIY ideas and instructions for all types of DIY Craft projects.
    • These DIY project ideas are a wonderful way to show your dad just how much he means to you. Plus, they offer a fun and creative way to spend time together.

Ideas for Gifts for Dad:

  • Pewter Keychains: We have Basic Spirit handcrafted Pewter Keychains ready to give to Dad in our Craft Store.
  • Porcelain Mugs: Dad may like a Special Porcelain Mug decorated with original native designs.
  • Jacarou Jigsaw PuzzlesDoes Dad enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles? Take a look at these special jigsaw puzzles. We’re sure you’ll find one Dad will like.


Happy crafting and Happy Father’s Day!

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