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DIY Keyring Crafts

DIY Keyring Crafts have a rich history, evolving from practical accessories to personal expressions of identity and sentimentality. Whether you’re creating them for yourself or as gifts for others, the possibilities are endless. So, gather your materials, unleash your creativity, and embark on a journey of crafting memories through these personalized and meaningful keyring ideas. Creating DIY Keyring Crafts for special occasions can be a thoughtful and personalized gift idea. If you need any craft accessories take a look at our craft store. For more DIY Craft Ideas take a look at our other blogs.

The Evolution of Keyrings

Early Keyring History

Keyrings, in some form, have been around for centuries. In ancient times, keys were often large and unwieldy, prompting the need for a practical way to carry them. This led to the development of early keyrings made from materials like leather or twine, allowing individuals to secure their keys and carry them with ease.

Industrial Revolution

With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, mass production made keyrings more accessible. Metal keyrings, often adorned with intricate designs or family crests, became a symbol of status and identity. The utilitarian aspect of keyrings persisted, but they started to take on a decorative role as well.

Modern Era

In the 20th century, keyrings became more commonplace and took on various shapes and forms. Advancements in materials and manufacturing techniques allowed for greater creativity in design. Keyrings also became popular as promotional items, featuring logos and slogans for businesses.

The Significance of Keyrings

Personal Expression

Keyrings have become a canvas for personal expression. People often choose keyrings that reflect their interests, hobbies, or memories. DIY keyrings take this personalization to the next level, allowing individuals to craft a tangible representation of their identity.

Sentimental Value

Keyrings often hold sentimental value, especially when received as gifts. They serve as tangible reminders of special occasions, relationships, or places visited. DIY craft keyrings, made with love and care, carry even more emotional weight, creating lasting memories for both the creator and the recipient.

DIY Keyring Craft Ideas

Here are some creative ideas for keyrings you can make for various occasions:

See these YouTube videos for DIY Keychain ideas:


Photo Keyring: Create a keyring with a miniature photo frame or a clear resin mould. Insert a picture of a special memory, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion.


Initials or Name Keyring: Craft keyrings with the recipient’s initials or name using beads, wire, or even polymer clay. You can also attach small charms that represent the person’s interests.


Calendar Keyring: Use a tiny calendar charm to mark a significant date, like a birthday or anniversary. You could even highlight the date with a small gem or coloured bead.

Find a free printable monthly calendar on Google. Choose the month and size it for printing. Cut out and decorate the calendar.  Paste it onto a piece of cardboard and once dry seal it with Mod Podge sealer or another suitable sealer. Don’t forget to make a hole in the corner so that you can put a ring through it.

See the YouTube Video below for ideas.

See this YouTube video below for calendar picture keychain ideas:


Message in a Bottle Keyring: Roll up a tiny piece of paper with a heartfelt message or a special wish. Place it inside a small glass bottle and attach it to a keyring.


Leather or Fabric Keyring: Cut out small shapes from leather or fabric and sew or glue them together to create personalized keyrings. Add embellishments like buttons or embroidery.


Puzzle Piece Keyring: Craft puzzle piece keyrings that fit together. Give one piece to your loved one and keep the other as a symbol of your bond.


Felt Animal Keyring: Create adorable animal shapes from felt and add small details like googly eyes, buttons for noses, and embroidery for texture.


Resin Keyring: Experiment with clear resin to encase tiny objects like flowers, glitter, or small trinkets within a keyring mould.


Beaded Keyring: String together colourful beads to make a unique and vibrant keyring. You can personalize it by selecting beads in the recipient’s favourite colours.


Washi Tape Keyring: Cover a piece of cardboard or wood with decorative washi tape, cut it into a keyring shape, and add a protective layer of clear tape.


Bottle Cap Keyring: Decorate the inside of a bottle cap with small images, stickers, or even a small photograph. Seal it with a layer of clear epoxy resin. You can use another sealer like Mod Podge instead of epoxy resin.


Button Keyring: Thread together an assortment of buttons in different sizes and colours to create a charming and tactile keyring.

Crochet an old button to make a keychain. See YouTube Video below:


Mini Terrarium Keyring: Craft a mini terrarium by placing small faux plants, sand, and tiny decorative elements inside a clear, flat keyring.


Seashell Keyring: Glue small seashells onto a sturdy base to create a beach-themed keyring. You can add a bit of sand and tiny starfish for an extra touch.


Wood Slice Keychains:  Make these Pretty Keychains with wood slices. They are easy and fun for both kids and adults to make.


Teacher Appreciation Keyring: For teachers, create a keyring with elements representing education, like tiny books, pencils, or an apple charm. Attach a note expressing gratitude for their guidance and support.

Custom Coordinates Keyring: Celebrate a special location by crafting a keyring featuring the coordinates of a meaningful place, such as where you met your best friend or got married.

Inspirational Quote Keyring: Stamp or engrave an uplifting quote onto a metal disc or wooden pendant. This DIY keyring serves as a daily dose of motivation for both you and the person receiving it.

Nature-Inspired Keyring: Collect small natural elements like pressed flowers, leaves, or shells to encapsulate the beauty of nature in a resin keyring. This makes for a unique and visually appealing accessory. If you can’t use the real thing, use some pretty craft flower stickers and leaf stickers or silk flowers.

Keyrings are an indispensable accessory in our daily lives, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes. From keeping our keys organized to expressing our personalities. Remember to add a small keyring attachment or loop to secure the design. Your DIY keyring will be even more meaningful if you tailor it to the recipient’s preferences, hobbies, or the specific occasion you’re celebrating.

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