About Us

The Craft Corner is a well-established online gift and craft store. We have DIY craft kits for kids as well as handmade craft items ready to give as gifts. We also carry a selection of craft accessories for kids and adults. You will find a variety of crafts, supplies, and decor for your next project. We are here to help you craft the perfect gift.

We have all kinds of wonderful craft kits for kids, including pillowcase painting kits, diamond painting kits and other crafting packs.

If you don’t have the time to make it yourself why not choose one of our ready-made, hand-crafted gifts. Most of these items are made in Canada.

Examples of the products we carry are as follows:

  • Artburn Pillowcase and T-Shirt Painting kits for kids;
  • Style Me Up kids craft kits;
  • JaCaRou Diamond Painting craft kits and puzzles;
  • Hand crafted pewter items from Basic Spirit, a Canadian company which uses “traditional methods of pewter smithing “;
  • Wanda Shum earrings, pendants and pins are created with Polymer Clay, which is a type of modelling clay, which can be hardened in an oven, created using the “millefiori” technique;
  • Cosmetic bags handmade and printed by Pico Charlie Cole;
  • Monague Dream Catcher Jewellery and Kits;
  • Oscardo Jewellery;
  • A variety of high quality Stencils. Some are exclusive to Trichem, others are imported from Africa;
  • Trichem Vintage Pictures to Paint;
  • Craft accessories.

We continue to grow our inventory of crafts and gifts!