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I have a BA (Hons) degree in Criminology. However, painting and crafting has always been my passion and thus I am finally fulfilling my dream and obsession. I will let you into my world of hand-painted t-shirts and jewellery-making, as well as providing tips and answering questions about painting.

I sell hand painted items. I have always loved painting Fashion T-shirts and Kids T-shirts. I started my shop with a view to creating and hand painting only T-Shirts. I subsequently discovered many other items I really love to create and hand paint, such as Oyster Shell Jewellery of all shapes and sizes, kids’ Pillowcases, Denim and Linen Cosmetic Bags, and carry all of these in my shop as well.

As the items are hand painted, most are unique and one of a kind.

I am a Certified Painting Consultant for Tri-Chem. Tri-Chem paints are special and their unique transfer and stencil designs are nowhere else to be found. I was introduced to Tri-Chem products about 30 years ago, before I came to live in Canada, and became an instructor 27 years ago. Some of the Tri-Chem paints I use on my T-Shirts, Fashion Tees, Jewellery, Cosmetic Bags, etcetera are Softly Flo, Jewel Jems, Spark-L-On, Colorlites, Cream Silk, Slix Stix and Woodtones.

I discovered Artburn T Shirt and Pillowcase painting kits about 3 years ago and have never looked back. Artburn is a Canadian company and has terrific designs for kids (ages 4 to 13) as well as some for adults. (For those who prefer to have already painted items, I also paint Artburn Design Pillowcases and T Shirts for kids and adults.) Artburn water based paints are brightly coloured and when heatset, the colours don’t fade with washing. Kids love the designs.

I also carry kids craft kits by Style Me Up and knitting kits by Knitca.

I have recently introduced Canadian made hand crafted items from Basic Spirit, a Canadian company which uses “traditional methods of pewtersmithing “.  They use “high quality”, “lead free metal” to make all kinds of wonderful pendants and earrings, charm bowls, wish boxes, pet jewellery, as well as other beautiful items.

I have Wanda Shum earrings, pendants and pins which are unique and colourful, created by using Polymer Clay, which is a kind of modeling clay, which can be hardened in an oven. No two pairs of earrings or pendants are exactly the same. They have been created using the “millefiori” technique.

I have hand towels, pillowcases and cosmetic bags hand made, embroidered and printed by Pico Charlie Cole. All are Made in Canada.

My newest addition is a huge variety of unique and special re-usable stencils. I will keep adding new Stencils as I receive them. Some are exclusive to Trichem, others are imported from Africa.

I am continuing to grow my inventory of crafts and gifts!



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